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In colloquial language, the term”domain“established as another name for an Internet address. Literally, the term “domain” is comparable with the German word “area.” One of the most important functions of the domain on the World Wide Web is to increase usability.

IP addresses are pure combinations of numbers and points

Every website on the Internet has an IP address. This IP address consists of numbers and several points. In principle, this IP address is completely sufficient to find a specific website on the World Wide Web. However, most people find it easier to remember combinations of words than numbers. In most cases, however, a host or website operator has the goal of attracting as many Internet users as possible to their site. Experience shows that this plan is fulfilled faster with a website with memorable names than with a complicated IP address.

Domains do not serve any technical purpose

Conversely, this means that a domain name on the World Wide Web generally does not fulfill any technical task. But user-friendliness is being increased. Before the name is set for a website, the domain should be registered first. In this context, a host should note that all names may only be assigned once. The names for the domains must not be equated with the URL. Because a domain is just one of several components of a URL.

Special principles

The globally unique names for a website on the World Wide Web by a host are based on a special principle. Domains are read from left to right. Each of these names starts with the TLD, the so-called top-level domain. This TLD relates to a geographical allocation of the website. For example, the websites are marked with the abbreviation “de” for Germany. In addition, there is a differentiation between commercial (“com”) or non-commercial (“org) intentions of the respective host. The so-called second-level domain is arranged in front of the TLD. This area serves as an identifier for a specific website name. The abbreviation “www” (abbreviation for World Wide Web) serves as an introduction to all domains from the Internet. The term “third level domain” refers to so-called prefixed subdomains. An example is the letter combination “”, which refers to an English version of a website. All domains are an important part of the URL (the Uniform Resource Locator) of an HTML page, the so-called HyperText Markup Language.

Features of DNS

If a name is entered in the browser on the World Wide Web, the DNS is activated. As a domain name system, this technology converts the website name into domains. The so-called NS — the name server — is used to convert the website operated by a host into an IP address. In this country, the German is Network Information Center based in Frankfurt is responsible for all domain addresses that contain the German country code “de”. The DNIC is a central association that assigns all domain addresses in this country. Domains are usually unique on the World Wide Web. However, second-level domains can also be combined with other top-level domains. This fact plays an important role in the allocation of domains on the World Wide Web.


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