Mit einer mehrsprachigen Webseite zu mehr internationaler Sichtbarkeit

Mit einer mehrsprachigen Webseite zu mehr internationaler Sichtbarkeit

Wir helfen Start-Ups und mittelständischen Unterehmen durch mehrsprachige Webflow-Webseiten online mehr Menschen zu erreichen und neue Märkte zu erschließen.
Weglot Agentur Chris

Disadvantages of a NON-multilingual website

No personalized addressing customers

With an appealing design, you can capture your target audience. However, if the content is not in the language of your potential customers, they can Don't relate to your offer and lose interest.

Low international visibility

No matter how great your offer is: If it's not in the language of the target group on your website, Your SEO ranking suffers as a result. And potential customers won't even notice you.

Too little growth in your business

Are you currently active in a new market? Then, with a monolingual website, you lose valuable time in reacting quickly to the needs of your new target group. The episode: loss of valuable revenue.

Decreasing competitiveness

Your website has no cultural and linguistic connection to your target group. As a result Don't be able to stand out from your competitors and expand your international market share.

Low credibility

In order to retain potential customers with your company in the long term, they must trust you. However, if you don't speak their language, this leads to a negative customer experience.

Lack of communication

Clear communication is the basis for a stable customer relationship. If your website is only monolingual, You miss out on potential customers the first time you try to contact them.

Why you're leaving money behind without a multilingual website

Here is the one verity, which many start-ups and SMEs have not yet understood: 

It is the culture and communication that connect us people to each other. The first 55 milliseconds after the initial contact with your website decide whether the potential customer continues to spend time on it or not.

Why is that so?

An appealing website design alone is no longer enough. You need to build an emotional relationship with your target audience if you want to reach their deepest inner self. And The key to this lies in a common language.


  • 88% of potential customers stop visiting your website after a bad experience.
  • The content of 64% of all websites is presented exclusively in English.
  • However, only a quarter of Internet users speak English as their mother tongue

So what's the problem when you exclude the remaining 75% of users from your online presence? The majority of whom would even pay you a higher price for this better customer experience? They lose cash.

Overcome this communication barrier easily with Weglot and speak in the language of your customers on your website. They'll thank you for it.

Why you're leaving money behind without a multilingual website

Your multilingual website with Weglot

Your multilingual website with Weglot

Weglot helps you create multilingual websites and keep content up to date. And that works extremely fast and without technical knowledge: Once integrated into your website, Weglot localizes and translates the relevant content — texts, images and SEO data — automatically and in real time in over 100 languages. Even if you add or update the texts later on.

Do you want to make your Webflow website multilingual? As a certified Webflow partners and Weglot partners We know exactly how it works! We already have over 20 multilingual webflow projects successfully implemented for our customers.

Book a free and non-binding initial consultation NOW to find out how we can also help you with your Make a Webflow website multilingual. This is how you reach more potential customers online with your offer!

For seamless collaboration and communication with our customers, we use the following tools:

google paetners
Webflow partners

You don't have a Webflow website yet and would like to learn more about it?

As a Webflow agency, we help you convert your website! Make an appointment with us now!

Use your full potential with a multilingual website

You focus on the success of your business. marketer UX & Weglot take care of the rest.

Reach out to a larger audience

By addressing the target group in their own language, you not only reach more potential customers, they also feel picked up and understood by you. The result of this unique experience: more new customers and revenue for your company.

Your business is growing strongly

Do you want to grow your business internationally? With Weglot, you can present your offer simply and quickly in the relevant languages — no matter how many new markets there are. This guarantees rapid growth.

You are internationally visible through multilingual SEO

The SEO-optimized translation of your website with Weglot ensures a better ranking in the search engines, making it easier for the new target group to find you. This results in more traffic to your website and a constant flow of new customers.

They have a better brand image

Do it better than your competitors. By communicating in the language of your target audience, you are perceived as a trustworthy brand. This is how you stand out from your competitors and achieve stronger customer loyalty.

You have full control

Weglot's user-friendly interface makes it easy to independently manage all translated content in one place. Yours Online visitors are presented with an easy-to-use website in their chosen language.

Your effort is reduced enormously

By automatically localizing and translating content, your website is always up to date. And that without additional manual effort, time and resources. A high-quality website also acts like a magnet to generate new inquiries.

That's what our customers say

Find out what successes our customers are having after we have implemented a multilingual Webflow website for you.

Amateur Chess Organization

“We received help from marketer UX with the relaunch of our website, including a comprehensive rebrand. The project is a complete success and we are more than satisfied with the result. Chris always took care of our concerns and accompanied this demanding project with great attention to detail. Right from the start, we noticed that the whole team is highly competent and absolutely...”

Amateur Chess Organization — owner
verified review

Westfa Holding

“marketer UX has our new Webflow website Together with us, not only superbly designed, but also implemented very reliably and quickly. We particularly like the good communication, the use of cutting-edge tools and the high level of initiative even beyond the project, so that we also like to work with Marketer UX on other projects. ”

Oliver Nehring — Managing Director, WESTFA Holding
verified review


“5 stars for our colleagues at Marketer UX for our new website! I have only been able to gain positive experiences with colleagues. I've hired website programmers several times in the past, but it was the same scheme over and over again. Very low reliability and disastrous communication. I had almost given up looking for a really good partner...”

Fatih-Feta Özçelik — Managing Director
verified review

Marketer UX stands for expertise & quality

Christian Kallinich and Aleksey Rogalev are the founders of marketer UX. Since 2017, the agency has already helped more than 200 startups and SMEs measurably increase their success. Marketer UX was honored by Clutch as one of the leading agencies for web design and online marketing for their expertise. They were also honored with the German Web Awards 2022.

Marketer UX knows what's important. With us as your Weglot agency, you get...UX weiß, worauf es ankommt. Mit uns als Ihre Weglot-Agentur erhalten Sie…

Expert knowledge

As a certified Webflow partners and Weglot partners You can rely on having a team with first-class expertise at your side.

Effective implementation

We support you in every step of the project to ensure successful implementation.

Exclusive collaboration

For us, each of our customers is unique. This is also reflected in our individual collaboration.

Excellent results

We always provide our customers with a high-quality solution.

That's how it works

Your path to a multilingual website

Schedule an initial consultation now, discuss your goals for your multilingual website with one of our experts and get a non-binding offer for implementation.

Arrange an initial consultation

Take the first step and book your initial consultation. In just 2 minutes, you can set up your preferred appointment with one of our experts to talk about the possibilities of your multilingual website.

Define goals

During our initial consultation, we address your individual goals and determine together the languages into which your website should be translated. Please allow 15-30 minutes for this.

Get an offer

After the interview, we will provide you with an individual offer that is tailored exactly to your needs and the desired languages. If you choose to work with us, you'll soon benefit from a multilingual website.

Reach more potential customers with a multilingual website

By translating your website, you open doors to new markets and target groups. Let's expand your reach and reach more potential customers together.

Reach more potential customers with a multilingual website

Do they have any questions?

Which content management systems (CMS) can Weglot be used with?

Weglot is compatible with almost all tools, web technologies and CMS systems — including Webflow, Wordpress, Shopify and Joomla. We only use Webflow to build and host websites. Do you already use another CMS system? Make an appointment to discuss together how we can help you.

Who is Weglot suitable for?

Weglot is an effective solution, particularly for companies — regardless of size and industry — that want to achieve the following results:

  • Provide products and services in multiple languages
  • Strengthen and expand your brand's international reputation
  • Increase global reach and visibility
  • Open up new markets and expand international customer base.

How much does it cost to integrate Weglot into your Webflow environment?

We are unable to answer this question for you because our prices depend on the project. In order for us to be able to give you an appropriate cost estimate, a detailed analysis is necessary in advance. In doing so, we take a close look at your current situation and goals as well as the scope of the project. We will then provide you with a tailor-made offer. Please arrange a free and non-binding initial consultation with us!

How does the translation work in Weglot?

Weglot offers automatic and manual translation. The automatic translation quickly and easily creates a multilingual Webflow website for you. You can then manually adjust and maintain this content via the user-friendly interface. For an error-free translation, we recommend that you check the content by a language expert.

Are there any additional costs after integrating Weglot into the Webflow environment?

Weglot works with a monthly and annual subscription model. The price depends on the number of words and the number of languages translated.

How is the project implementation and handover carried out by Marketer UX?

We integrate Weglot into your Webflow environment and add relevant languages to your website. We also ensure that the solution is technically flawless. Upon handover, you will receive all necessary information from us so that you can then independently manage the website content in Weglot.

Take advantage of a Weblow multilingual website. With Weglot.

Find out how we as Weglot agency can also help you create a multilingual Webflow website. For a strong international online presence for your company.
Take advantage of a Weblow multilingual website. With Weglot.