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R. Zecevic Personnel Services GmbH

Project description

Since the start of the market, we have been supporting R. Zecevic Personaldienstleistungs GmbH. We have established them as a trustworthy provider of care services and thus generated customers in a predictable manner.

Our services

  • Discovery & Research
  • Landing page architecture
  • advertising texts
  • Web design & development
  • Conversion optimization
  • Google Ads campaign



At the beginning of our collaboration, R. Zecevic Personaldienstleistungs GmbH was still new to the market. Managing Director Radan Zecevic did not know how to recruit his 24-hour nursing and support staff and generate new customers.

Although nurses are in high demand in Germany, she sought help as she did not know how to market her newly founded company.



For R. Zecevic Personaldienstleistungs GmbH, we have developed a landing page to attract new customers. Interested parties find the page through Google search ads when they search for a 24-hour caregiver or something similar.

It was important for the target group to build trust in our client, as they place their parents/grandparents or other family members in the hands of these caregivers.

That is why we have already emphasized on the landing page, both through images and texts, that the nurses are trusting, caring and loving.

Relatives often feel guilty when they give up caring for their family members. We have already shown understanding for this on the website.

We have chosen Google search ads as an advertising channel for marketing. This is how we reach every person who searches for the keyword “24h care”. This is the most effective use of the fledgling company's advertising budget.

Our client needs a lot of information to create offers for interested parties: information about the person in need of care, requirements for the caregiver, health insurance, etc. In order to collect all data online and simplify sales, we have developed an interactive questionnaire.

This concept has already proven to be an effective method in other industries, as interested parties can provide all important information in a playful way and are not put off by a long form.



Thanks to the innovative use of the real estate calculator, we were able to achieve a top conversion rate of between 15 and 20%. This allows our client to generate exclusive real estate leads at a significantly lower price than he would buy from lead brokers.

At the same time, brand awareness in the region is increasing as a result of our own marketing measures. We were able to see that more people have been looking for our client since the start of the advertising campaign. |





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