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web design
Corporate identity

Fair Doctors

Fairdoctors has commissioned us to completely redesign their corporate identity and website. We have created a new image that clearly distinguishes the various sub-brands from one another and at the same time creates a uniform appearance with a high recognition value for the entire brand.

Doctors for first-class medical care for all

Fair Doctors provides excellent healthcare services in various areas, including dentistry, pediatrics, and general medicine. Their goal is to guarantee all patients the best possible care. Many locations ensure that as many people as possible have access to high-quality healthcare. The Fair Doctors brand stands for the promise of high-quality medical care that is fair, transparent and accessible to everyone.
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“We always felt like our project was in the right hands.”

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This is how we were able to help

The new corporate identity that we have developed for Fair Doctors ensures a uniform appearance and thus increases the brand's recognition value. As a result, it sticks better in patients' minds and is associated with the high-quality medical services provided by Fair Doctors. The revised web design based on this creates more clarity for patients and ensures an intuitive and smooth user experience.
Fair Doctors
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4 months
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A fresh brand identity for Fair Doctors

We have created a new brand identity for Fair Doctors that reflects the company's values and leaves patients with a professional and appealing impression. We have carefully considered and designed all aspects to position Fair Doctors as a leading healthcare provider and reach more patients.

A new corporate identity

Fair Doctors recognized that they needed to adapt their brand to remain competitive in the changing healthcare market. That's why they asked us to express their values and philosophy in a new brand identity. We have developed a holistic rebranding concept that not only reflects Fair Doctors' many years of experience and expertise, but also highlights their pioneering vision and mission of making world-class medical services accessible to all. The result is a brand that is both modern and authentic, and clearly demonstrates Fair Doctors' commitment to its patients.

A unique logo design

Our idea for the Fair Doctors logo is based on the well-known “Star of Life” symbol, which is recognized worldwide as a symbol of medical care and emergency services. We've created a modern version of this classic symbol that looks familiar and innovative at the same time. It perfectly reflects the medical areas, values and goals of Fair Doctors.

A consistent brand image

To make it easier for patients to differentiate between the various medical services offered by Fair Doctors, we have colored the sub-brands differently. Each sub-brand represents a medical sector of Fair Doctors, such as dentistry, pediatrics or general medicine. We have ensured that the brand image is consistent and thus ensured that every customer, regardless of the service chosen, always feels that they are communicating with the familiar and reliable brand Fair Doctors.

Distinctive colors

We've developed a new color palette for Fair Doctors that reflects Fair Doctors' values and vision and creates a consistent visual identity across all media and platforms. Whether on the website, in brochures or other advertising materials — the colors ensure a high level of recognition and convey trust and professionalism. This careful selection of colors supports identification with the brand and ensures that Fair Doctors remains present and unmistakable in patients' memories.

A new web design to match the new brand identity

When creating the web design for the Fair Doctors homepage, we not only focused on the appearance, but also on making it easier for patients to find their way around the site and make medical services easier.

New homepage web design

We have completely renewed the Fair Doctors web design in order to consistently present the new corporate identity on the homepage. As a result, we strengthen patients' trust and they recognize the brand better. We've also improved usability by clearly structuring the content so that patients can easily find what they're looking for.

Clear navigation

We've improved website navigation so that it provides visitors with more clarity and direction. This makes it easier for patients to find the medical services they're looking for and make an appointment quickly.

Perfect display on all devices

We have adapted the Fair Doctors web design for all common devices and made it available to developers. The responsive design gives users an optimal experience on smartphones and tablets and contributes to a professional appearance of the Fair Doctors brand on all devices.

Unique colors for all areas

We have developed our own color palette for all medical areas in which Fair Doctors offers care. In this way, patients can clearly differentiate between the different specialist areas and at the same time, the sub-brands fit harmoniously into the overall brand image of Fair Doctors.

Unique icons for intuitive user navigation

We have developed a unique icon palette for Fair Doctors, which includes many icons for the sub-brands. All icons fit perfectly into the new web design and intuitively guide users through the content offered, so that important information and services can be found faster and more efficiently.

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A modernized online presence for Fair Doctors

See for yourself how the new web design positions Fair Doctors as a leading healthcare provider in Germany.

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