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With Webflow, we have developed an innovative website for newboxes that emphasizes the role of the company as an engine for technological progress and organizational change. With the vision of making companies fit for the future and driving change from within, newboxes is positioning itself as a pioneer in times of disruptive change. We have implemented the web design provided by newboxes in Webflow, and implemented animations and interactions that make the final website dynamic and user-friendly.

A partner for the next industrial revolution

newboxes is positioning itself as a leading innovation powerhouse in the age of digital transformation. The main goal of newboxes is to support and strengthen companies on their way through the challenges and opportunities of the next industrial revolution. With a dedicated team of experts who not only have in-depth technological knowledge but also a deep organizational understanding, newboxes sits at a crucial interface to guide companies through turbulent times and help them proactively adapt to the dynamic and constantly changing business world. This includes both the implementation of the latest technologies and the development of strategies to make organizational structures more efficient and responsive. At a time when change is the only constant, newboxes ensures that companies not only keep up, but become and remain leaders in their industry.

“We always felt like our project was in the right hands.”

“With marketer UX, we were able to create a unique digital experience for our website visitors. The implementation of our design in Webflow was perfect! The animations and interactions clearly set us apart from our competitors and offer an innovative and intuitive user experience - in combination with the unique animations, our website is now a real eye-catcher. The team immediately understood our vision and turned it into a dynamic, responsive website that looks perfect on all devices. They succeeded in perfectly capturing the innovative spirit of newboxes and bringing it to life in a stunning webflow website. Thanks to the entire team! We are looking forward to further cooperation.”
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Suwi Murugathas
Managing Director, newboxes
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This is how we were able to help

For Newboxes, we created a Webflow website with a contemporary design. The finished web design was provided to us by a partner agency, which worked closely with the Newboxes team. Video elements, innovative animations, and dynamic interactions offer users a unique experience. Our goal was to ensure that the new website lived up to the newboxes vision. To do this, we have carefully implemented the provided design using Webflow. The result is a modern and innovative website that represents the character of Newboxes and guarantees a flawless user experience.
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1 month
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Webflow development
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Unique animations with Lottie

Based on the delivered web design, we implemented unique Lottie animations that dynamically highlight the content of the website and thus make the user experience more interesting.

Interactions for innovative user guidance

We have implemented interactions, such as the innovative navigation of the website and the ability to mute the videos used to present the content on the individual pages with one click or turn on the sound again. This gives users full control over the playback of content.

Responsive design on all devices

We've made sure that, despite its innovative design, the site looks and works just as well on all mobile devices as it does on a desktop computer to ensure a seamless user experience regardless of the end user's device.

Development of the website in Webflow

We have implemented the creative web design for newboxes in Webflow with maximum accuracy. Through our close and transparent collaboration with newboxes and their web design agency, we have perfectly tailored the result to the newboxes vision.

See innovation in action

We've brought the innovative spirit of newboxes to life with Webflow and created a dynamic user experience that's a perfect fit for newboxes. In doing so, we placed particular emphasis on implementing the design perfectly down to the smallest detail and coordinating with all parties involved in order to achieve the best possible result.

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