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Ivan, known as an IB Trader, is a successful former prop trader and respected day trading coach. With a great passion for trading, a wealth of experience, and an in-depth knowledge of financial markets, Ivan is committed to helping others succeed in the world of day trading and achieve consistent, profitable results.

An authentic day trading coach with real results for real people

Ivan understands the challenges and nuances of day trading like no one else. With his authentic personality and deep understanding of trading and financial markets, he quickly made a name for himself as a trustworthy trading coach. His Masterclass program is a testament to his commitment to sharing knowledge and helping others achieve their trading goals.
“marketer UX has our new webflow website Together with us, not only superbly designed, but also implemented very reliably and quickly. We particularly like the good communication, the use of cutting-edge tools and the high level of initiative even beyond the project, so that we also like to work with Marketer UX on other projects. ”
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Oliver Nehring
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“We always felt like our project was in the right hands.”

“When I decided to share my experience and knowledge with others, I knew I needed a website that reflected my personality and philosophy in day trading. The marketer UX team not only developed an impressive website for me, but also took my brand identity to a new level. The presentation of my masterclass and trading philosophy gives potential students a clear picture of what they can expect. A big thank you to the entire marketer UX team for their excellent work!”
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Ivan aka IB Trader
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This is how we were able to help

For IB traders, we have developed a modern website that highlights his expertise in day trading and authentic personality. The elegant and professional design is precisely tailored to the target group and integrates Ivan's courses, as well as his premium master class. We have ensured that the website is GDPR-compliant and implemented a cookie management system with Iubenda. The result is a professional, user-friendly homepage that clearly communicates Ivan's message and gives potential students an insight into his personality and trading philosophy.
IB Trader
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3 months
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A clear brand message

At marketer UX, we know how important clear communication is for a brand's success. For IB traders, we have developed a brand message that highlights their expertise and authenticity in day trading. Through precise copywriting, we not only position Ivan as a trustworthy trading coach, but also highlight his personality and trading philosophy.

A professional, modern web design

An appealing design is the key to reaching the desired target group. For IB traders, we have developed a modern and professional web design that appeals to both beginners and experienced traders. Through targeted design decisions, we provide visitors with a seamless user experience that makes it easy for potential students to discover and purchase IB Trader's coaching programs.

Full compliance with GDPR

As a website operator in Germany, data protection is mandatory. When developing the website for IB Traders, we made sure that all requirements of the GDPR were met. By integrating Iubenda, we offer clear privacy policies and a transparent cookie management system that gives users security and trust.

Masterclass registration form

To ensure that as many interested day traders as possible have access to the Masterclass, we have developed an intuitive registration form and integrated it into the website. This form enables IB Trader to efficiently qualify potential participants and ensure that they have the right qualifications for their premium program.

Preparation of professional case studies

Success stories are a powerful tool for building trust. For IB Traders, we have created detailed case studies based on the performance analyses of our Masterclass students. These case studies present the real results and added value that the masterclass offers, strengthening Ivan's position as an authentic day trading coach.

Programming the website with Webflow

Webflow is our specialty at marketer UX. For IB traders, we have developed a dynamic and responsive website with Webflow. The result is a visually stunning and technically flawless homepage that is easy to update and scales as IB Trader grows.

Masterclass in focus

Ivan's Masterclass is at the heart of his website. We've developed a design that highlights the uniqueness and value of this program. By clearly structuring the content and intuitive user interface, interested parties can easily understand what they can expect from the masterclass and how they can benefit from Ivan's expertise in day trading.

Get a website that sets you apart from the competition and attracts new customers

A professional website is essential for growing your business. It gives customers easy access to products/services and presents your brand and credibility. Our team will design an easy-to-use, SEO-optimized, and beautiful website that exceeds your expectations.

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