Google Ads — Google Adwords Agency

Google Ads — Google Adwords Agency

Does the term Google Ads make you feel confused? Then you've landed on the right page! Here you can find out what Google Ads are, get a critical look at the topic and find out whether the expensive fun is even worth it! We will also tell you in detail what you need to pay attention to and how you can avoid foolishness.
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Are Google Ads worthwhile for your industry?

To know whether Google Ads is worthwhile for your company, should you know what Google Ads actually are? Here is a small Crash course:

Imagine you're sitting at an auction and you're making a bid for a house that's being auctioned off. Your goal is to place the highest bid so that you get the profit, which is the house.

Take advantage of online advertising

Imagine you're sitting at an auction and you're bidding on a house that's being auctioned off. Your goal is to place the highest bid so that you get the profit, which is the house.

Places 1 to 4 are auctioned off, just like in an auction. You can place a bid on a keyword, if you're the highest bidder, you'll be in 1st place. New rule: You can't lose the auction if you always bid more than the highest bidder.

You therefore place a bid for an item and must outbid all other bidders in order to get the goods.

Google Ads are nothing more than auctions: places 1 to 4 are auctioned off, you place a bid for a keyword, if you are the highest bidder, you are in 1st place, of course, there are more Google guidelines to get to number one.

The only difference is that you never know what the person in front of you paid to be in first place!

Why are Google Ads worthwhile?

If you're honest, you can answer the question even without providing evidence of statistics. If we have a problem, we Google for a solution — That is by no means a secret.

But what has changed with problem solving is the effort we make to find a suitable solution. We don't feel like clicking through search queries for minutes. You click on the first page, 1st place in the SERP listing.

And you are not alone, because whole 91% People click on the first search result. If you have been able to get this place with the best bid, you will immediately gain 91% more traffic to your site.

In short:

Google Ads are worthwhile if you want to get more traffic to your site. More traffic means that multiple people visit your shop in the same breath. The more people in your retail store looking for what you're missing, the more chances you have of selling your product or service. But this marketing measure must also be used in addition to others in order to generate lasting success.

More benefits of running Google Ads

Google Ads offer your industry many advantages: Your target group will find your company on the Google search engine, you collect Leads and your company gains new customers as a result.

They're exactly where they're looking for you!

Thanks to the multi-faceted setting options, your Google Ads are precisely tailored to the search behavior of users. Whether location, region or topic. Make sure that your target group finds you!

You have the power of your Google Ads budget in your hands!

There are still many industries that aren't using Google Ads yet. Good for you, because less competition means more attention and better prices for you. So you decide for yourself how much you pay for first place!

Collect your leads across platforms

Whether on YouTube, LinkedIn or Google search ads — ads can catapult your target group into direct vision! They are therefore used by 91% of searchers seen as the first choice and can therefore reach them without detours.

You can measure & optimize your success

In the auction house, you can no longer negotiate after the hammer blow. It's different with Google Ads: if someone beats you with their bid, you can make improvements on your website or in your ads to get back to number 1!

You manage to turn leads into fixed Attract customers 

If a customer has bought from you once, the inhibition to do it a second time is pretty low. Because the process has already been run through once and ideally worked smoothly! With Google Ads, you can increase your number of regular customers and win over customer hearts over the long term!

You throw the life preserver at the right time!

Around 3.5 billion searches are made every day. With Google Ads, you filter out the interested party who is really seriously interested in your product/service!

Think of Google Ads as follows:

They have a nice restaurant on a side street in Düsseldorf's old town. Unfortunately, a customer rarely walks into your house. You're thinking about how you can get more customers in your store through an investment. The plan means: Once your shop is known, customers will run down the door for you.

You'll find a salesperson who brings you new customers to your shop. You pay 5€ to the salesperson for each new customer.

Without Google Ads:

Using Google Ads:

Is the deal worth it? DEFINITELY!

  1. You get better known and people talk about you.
  2. You only invest part of your average voucher and get new customers every day!
  3. By reinvesting the ROI, you can hire even more people to bring new customers into your home!
  4. People are lining up to buy from you!

The same applies to Google ads: You're basically investing an amount to be seen. If you are not seen, you are not a solution for your target group. Even worse, they don't exist at all.

Look at Google Ads as a tool

Google Ads are essential for survival these days if you want to be visible. We have arrived in an age in which there are countless market players for every service and every product. If you fall asleep once and forget about your target group, it becomes increasingly difficult to create a need in them again.

To help you think the right way, here are a few examples:

Do you actually know the American science fiction film Inception?

If not, here is a short summary:

The story in the movie “Inception” revolves around the protagonist Dom Cobb (played by Leonardo DiCaprio), who leads a team of agents. Its members have the power to penetrate the heads of sleeping people through dreams and learn their secrets.

Totally abstract and unimaginable that something like this is even possible, isn't it? What if I told you that we've been living in this reality for a long time? Google is already the standard search engine worldwide. Through its ranking hierarchy, it manages to plant needs in the minds of users.

Why does a billion-dollar company like Coca-Cola still use Google Ads?

It doesn't matter whether you're already in people's minds: The other way around — why does a multi-billion dollar corporation advertise such as Coca-Cola with gang advertising in soccer stadiums? Not so that you can remind people that you still exist, but because otherwise the competition can be seen in this space — namely Pepsi!

Implementation: How to correctly place Google Ads

Before we get into technology, it's worth mentioning that tracking has a significant impact on your bidding strategy success. Click on your bidding algorithm (In online marketing, the term bidding describes the bidding strategy) avoid poor targeting in advance (Accurate target group targeting in online marketing) or bad ads. You should plan in advance how important a good conversion is for your company and how urgently you need traffic to your site.

1. What is the goal of your Google Ads?

More traffic, increase awareness, more leads or increase sales? By running your Google Ads campaign correctly, you can achieve a whole lot of goals. In any case, you can count on more attention. But before you place your ads, should you first define the meaning and purpose behind the campaign?

Of course, placing a Google Ads ad is not difficult at all and can be done with just a few clicks. But that's not the end of the job, is it?

  1. Do you have enough staff to process the new leads?
  2. Is your chosen advertising budget really well invested?
  3. Do you have an approximate return on investment (ROI) in mind?

In short: Think about it, define your goals and calculate how you will deal with the new profit generated by Google Ads. Advents are not lone fighters, but part of an online marketing strategy. Make sure the puzzle fits your overall strategy plan. If not, throw your money out the window.

2. Which campaign type fits your marketing strategy?

To place ads, all you need is a Google account and money. Click on Campaign on the left and with a few clicks, you'll be running your ads. But this is where you come up with the first question: Which campaign type fits my marketing strategy?

3. Smart bidding — the auction principle 

Bidding may be an auction principle, but here you don't pay once, but with a click. Therefore, on the one hand, you should use keywords that will find you. On the other hand, you should make sure that the target group you choose is also genuinely interested in your company.

Here is an example:

  1. Situation: You run a grocery store that only purchases regional products from Bavaria.
  2. marketing measure: However, your SEA manager places a Google Ads ad for the NRW region.
  3. Issue 1: Your products will no longer be sold regionally if only customers from NRW are addressed. They feel completely fooled, don't they?
  4. Issue 2: Your bounce rate will be high. Sure, you're also addressing the wrong target group. The second problem, however, is that Google considers your ad to be of poor quality.

The example shows that a high quality factor can beat a high bid. This factor determines the best ad position. Even if you deliver the best bid, you rank with your website Never in 1st place Google, a positive user experience is more important than your bid.

In short: 

Work in a targeted and user-oriented manner, shoot your dart right at the target and generate new hot leads!

4. Invest in the best keyword set

Invest in the best keyword set

The central component of your search network campaign is the appropriate keyword, i.e. the search query that your target group makes to find your service or product. Tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console help you find suitable keywords. Die click-through rate (Click-through rate = ratio of clicks to ad appearances) shows you how often which keyword was used to get to your website.

Consider the following 3 criteria when doing your Google Ads keyword research:

  1. search volume:
    Choose keywords with a large search volume. You can see how big the volume is for the selected keyword in software such as ahrefs or SISTRIX.
  2. CPC (Cost per click):
    This is the cost you pay per click on your ad.
  3. contest:
    Here you can see the difficulty level of the keyword to be filled. The more competition, the more expensive the Google Ads campaign becomes.

5. Effective website behind your Google Ads ads

Imagine yourself Googling for a washer-dryer (washer and dryer in one machine). Your intention is to buy a washer-dryer for a good price. You click on the first search result and are now directed to a website where you do not see exactly whether washer-dryers are being sold here or not?

How would you act now?

  1. I keep reading until I can make sure that nothing is being sold on this site.
  2. I'm looking for the “buy now” button.
  3. I'm leaving the site.

If you're already investing so much money in ads, the overall look of your ad must be consistent. Always focus on the user — because Google does too. If the user is dissatisfied, Google will change it by ranking you lower, regardless of how high your bid is for the top places.

Tips for a successful website:

  1. Place your CTA in the header — every user should see that you are selling something, even without scrolling through your page for a long time.
  2. Work on a fast charging time. Otherwise, your bounce rate is too high.
  3. Make your website look modern and well-maintained. Surely you're not sitting in an unaesthetic place with your friends — but in a nice one with a view?
  4. Give your website structure. If you don't write what you're selling in the top section, your website visitor simply won't understand you.
  5. Place case studies, awards, and testimonials prominently on your website. Everyone should see how satisfied your customers have been so far. Convey trust and win people over.

How do you separate wheat from chaff? How to find a good AdWords agency

As in other industries, there are also under the guise AdWords agencies Lots of black sharps. That is why sympathy with the agency must in no way be the factor in deciding to work together. With these 5 tips, you can separate wheat from chaff and get the right online marketing Find an agency:

Tip 1: Define your goals that your Google Ads agency should pursue and reconcile

First and foremost, you should set your own goals so that your expectations can be met. What should an ads agency be able to do to help you achieve your goal? That doesn't mean that you should become an expert in Google Ads, but that you should acquire some know-how, especially when it comes to your needs. After all, the topic of Google and paid ads is so diverse that you have to put a lot of time and effort into research.

If the suggestion is just to place ads, you can assume that you did not receive proper advice. As you've read above, a good marketing strategy includes the complete package. Just posting ads without enough staff for the number of leads, for example, is not only stupid — it's a complete waste of money.

Tip 2: The certification of an ads agency can be deceptive

There is a certification from Google Partners that suggests that a Google AdWords agency with this seal must be particularly good. But in fact, it is not difficult at all to get a Google Partners certification. Regardless of whether it's an SEO agency or the specialization of a Google Ads agency. In theory, you can $100 at Fiverr Give out and have the seal as good as in your pocket. Therefore, you should not use this criterion to decide whether the agency is one of the top performers.

Just remember why companies place testimonials in the best place on their websites? To show you how happy your current customers are, of course. They have the feeling that everything is going to go as smoothly as with the rest of the people.

A certification tells you that you should trust this ads agency because you are approved by the seal. Don't be fooled — check out the references and inquire.

Tip 3: The human level must be right

A good contact person is better than an entire group of supervisors who speak in your own system language. You certainly know it from your everyday life as well. You always buy your rolls from the same bakery. They trust him. He gives you a little update every morning about the neighborhood and always makes time specifically for you.

It is similar with your SEA (Search Engine Advertising) consultant: Find a contact person who will deal with your problem. Who is ready to take a closer look at your ongoing ads and gives you valuable tips. A friendly bond is the basis for qualitative ad campaigns!

Tip 4: SEA agencies that promise heaven and earth

If you hire an SEA agency to get your website ranked through ads, you can be sure that you will immediately be shown in the top rank. For SEA ads, you do not need an advertising promise, such as:

We reveal the secret:

This is how you immediately reach number 1 in the search ads!

After all, such a promise suggests that it is assumed that you did not know how quickly results could be achieved through Google Ads? In addition, many other factors must be examined in order to work at SEA, which can influence performance:

  1. Is the website properly optimized?
  2. Are there any outages?
  3. Does tracking work?

In addition to these, there are countless more that need to be considered. You can't just work on a construction site if you want to do good marketing. They must work in parallel, observe the market and trade effectively. A good strategy doesn't happen overnight.

Tip 5: Contact an ads agency that has references in your industries

Sure, you always have to give input about your service/product. An agency that has already made measurable figures with a similar or the same service/product as yours is known to swim faster. So find a Google AdWords agency that is familiar with your service, that has already helped companies with a similar problem and check the references using the customer's case studies and website. Ride a horse that has already won several races — not one that runs the first race.

Conclusion: Advantages and Disadvantages of Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be a very efficient and innovative tool for acquiring new customers and improving your presence on the Internet quickly and yet sustainably over the long term. The success of your ad is measurable and can be constantly optimized so that you get the best possible results depending on your budget.

Nevertheless, you should have the time and knowledge to deal with the maintenance and analysis of the ads and avoid “expensive duds.”

If you are interested in Google AdWords but don't have the time to do so, we would be happy to create a tailor-made offer for you. We monitor and evaluate your Google ads for you and ensure continuous optimization to achieve the highest possible success for you. Get a non-binding consultation now.


Aleksey Rogalev

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What is Google AdWords/Google Ads?

Google AdWords (Google Ads) is Google's online advertising program that allows you to create and place advertisements. You reach your target group exactly when they show interest in your product or service.

What does a Google Ads agency (Google Ads Agency) do?

As a first step, a Google Ads agency will advise you on your advertising budget and your ads campaigns (search engine advertising). The advertising budget that you provide for the desired AdWords campaign is of course decisive for the best possible and, above all, fast results. In addition, there is the Google Ads agency's experience in your industry. This means that you don't have to pay for the errors and get quick results.

How does Google Ads (Google AdWords) work?

Google Ads works according to the auction principle: The highest bidders take the top four places in hierarchical order. Of course, there are other criteria to get you to the top (1st place), such as a modern website and a low bounce rate. The paid advertisements are due according to the pay-per-click model (PPC campaigns). So you only pay for users who click on your ads. If the user lands on your website and makes the desired conversion there, you have successfully completed your online business.

Is there a warranty for Google Ads?

Is there a guarantee if you have your advertising on TV or radio? Of course not. After all, television is not responsible for how good the quality of your advertising is. Investing in Google advertising is definitely worthwhile — but you don't have a guarantee. However, ads definitely make sense. After all, you're reaching out to users at the exact moment they're looking for your product or service.

Are SEA and Google Ads the same?

In online marketing, search engine advertising (SEA) refers to the placement of paid search engine advertising in all search engines, such as Bing Ads. Google Ads refer to the specification of search engine advertising limited to Google's search engine — the market leader in search engine.

What services does Google Ads Agency offer?

A Google Ads agency often offers the following services:

  1. Google Ads audit
  2. Google Ads Strategy
  3. Campaign structuring
  4. Google Ads bid strategy
  5. keyword management
  6. Google Ads ad design/ad copy
  7. Tracking implementation
  8. Ongoing analysis campaign management

How much does a Google Ads agency cost?

The costs for a Google Ads agency vary greatly because there are no fixed prices when it comes to keywords and prices. Your flat rate is therefore calculated based on your niche and the volume of the keyword you want to be found for.

However, it is advisable to look for a Google Ads agency that has experience in your industry and can provide references. It is best if you work with an agency that has been on the market for a long time and can demonstrate successful projects.

How much budget for Google Ads?

If you've never placed ads before, you should first try out whether the selected keywords and the desired conversion make a match. It would be advisable to have 50€ to 100€ per day. If this is not the case, you can optimize your conversion with a new ads campaign. This allows you to filter out success and a good strategy for your search engine marketing. With the support of experienced Google Ads experts, you can achieve your goals even faster.

Are Google Ads important for companies?

To answer the question, you would have to address a basic problem:

  1. On the one hand, the following rule applies: Companies that do not do marketing are invisible to their target group. They are not considered a premium partner and have no chance of acting as a problem solver. Your company doesn't exist for Internet users.
  2. On the other hand, ads mean generating reach in return. Traffic means more conversion. By typing in the search terms, users reach your website. It's never been easier to reach your target group than with Google Ads!
  3. As a third point: It's not just no-name companies that use ads. Take a look at the Coca-Cola company. You don't need a definition to understand that it is a soft drink. But are you still advertising with ads? And why the whole thing? Because otherwise the competition will snatch up advertising space in front of their faces — Pepsi!

Learn from these multi-billion dollar companies and make sure you're seen. With SEO, you can do this organically. Ads and SEA measures help your company to be seen directly — by none other than your target group.

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